Adrienne Schesnol-Kimmons
BioEnergetic & Sound Therapist

Adrienne started her career in the legal field as a Paralegal. She loves animals and became involved in a special needs animal sanctuary where she rescued dogs from certain death. In her rescue endeavors, she had the opportunity to become partners in a vitamin and herb shop where they ran the animal sanctuary. In 2010, Adrienne started her own store and was trained and certified in numerous modalities. Adrienne has been using Bioenergetic Healthcare ever since.  She is a licensed practitioner with certifications in NES Health, BioFeedback, Light Therapy and Sound Therapy.

Adrienne is also a musician, where she has played in church settings since 1994. She has now added frequency healing music as one of her healing modalities. You can find out more about Andronymus music on YouTube @ARPHealingCenter 

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