Black Spruce

Black Spruce

15 ml

If you find yourself suffering from feelings of anxiety, stress, or low mood, black spruce may be able to help.

Black spruce oil is composed almost entirely of monoterpenes – a common chemical compound found naturally in many relaxing essential oils.

Not only does this constituent contribute to black spruce’s pleasant, refreshing scent, but it is also able to easily pass through the blood-brain barrier in a way that other chemicals cannot.

From here, it is able to stimulate hormone production and create changes in mood. Many people have reported that inhaling black spruce oil leaves them feeling more positive, more grounded, and less stressed.

Black Spruce and Pain

Black spruce is naturally anti-inflammatory, and so has been known to reduce pain caused by swollen joints and sore muscles by reducing redness and inflammation in affected areas.

It is also a natural antispasmodic, meaning it can help to prevent spasms in the muscular system – in turn relieving pain and discomfort caused by illness or injury.

Origin: Canada

Botanical Name: Picea mariana

Plant Part: Fresh twigs & needles Extraction Method: Steam Distillation

Aroma: Balsamic, green, fruity, woody

Consistency: Thin

Color: clear to pale yellow

Blends well with: Eucalyptus, Rosemary, Tea tree, Rosalina, Fragonia, Frankincense Main Constituents: Bornyl acetate, a-pinene, camphene, 8-3-carene

Black Spruce Benefits:

  • Respiratory Support
  • Clearing Mucus And Congestion
  • Calming Inflammation
  • Soothing Sore Muscles
  • Calming Muscle Spasms Including Coughs
  • Immune Support

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