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Tuning Element's vision has always been to create a health and wellness technology that works in minutes not months.  A technology so transforming that all trace of hopelessness for better wellness disappears from your mind.  So effective that what you couldn’t do now you can.  With Tuning Element’s health and wellness technology, that vision is now a reality.  Say hello to your new you.

Tuning Element Aqua Tune Bottle

Optimize daily body and brain function with the Aqua Tune Bottle!  This BPA-free stainless steel bottle rapidly promotes, activates, and accelerates the healing elements of your water, as well as restoring cellular communication and accelerating your body’s natural ability to heal itself. All this—just by hydrating throughout your day.  Sound too good to be true? Check it out for yourself.  We guarantee it will change your life.

Ante Gold Bracelet

The Ante Gold or Ante Black are from our well crafted Level 3 line. The Ante is made with surgical-grade stainless steel and finished with a lobster clap. This is a great bracelet that compliments the style of the Cortex and Vertex necklaces.

Cortex Necklace

This unique braided style necklace is fashioned from surgical grade stainless steel featuring the Tuning Element logo center piece. Necklace fastens with a lobster style clasp. Fashionable for both men and women. You may be experiencing: 3 or more ailments and inconsistent and/or consistent pain level of 6 and above, anxiety, and high to extreme daily stress.

5 Minute Relief Patch

5 Minute Relief Patch by Tuning Element is the future of natural relief, fast. Our proprietary technology is the result of years of R&D by our dedicated scientists to create a breakthrough for life enhancement. The 5 Minute Relief Patch naturally revolutionizes your energetic body at the cellular level, supporting your body’s ability to self-heal quickly. The 5 Minute Relief Patch has been proven safe & effective via 3rd party studies. From children to doctors, the 5 Minutes Relief Patch is the best over the counter relief product.

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